Like Jasmine flowers and like a Revolution the 'Sounds from the Purple Chair' continues to grow under a number of National and International collaborations mixing a chilled cut-back version of the original Indie sounds with a variety of expressions including Latin Music, Dance and Stage Theatre. 

Singer songwriter / Director Alex Moraitis continues to collaborate in the Americana’s and Australia, creating, playing and connecting with many local artists, cultures and now his wife and Theatrical Actress / Singer Alpha Cisne. 
Various collaborations have been included on this site within separate tabs.. 
You can now listen to, or download for free, the 2016 soundtrack from the Mexican Musical Theatre Project 'Los Elementos del Alma' (The Elements of the Soul) 
or the 2012 EP 'Sounds from the Purple Chair'. 

Musical Meanings:  

JASMINE REVOLUTION – The name given to the peaceful demonstration, or freedom of speech, which formed Egyptian democratic independence in the early months of 2011. With original music being freedom of speech, combined with a recent pilgrimage to Egypt by Alex Moraitis, the name Jasmine Revolution was appropriately formed. 

PURPLE CHAIR – An old lounge chair sitting in Alex Moraitis’ music room, draped in a purple sheet to cover the wear and tear. The location where many songs were written. 

We look forward to share some beautiful collaborations with you!! 
Regards , Saludos 

Alex Moraitis - Director / Music Director 
Gloria 'Alpha' Cisne Castro Jurado - Arts Director